he was there all along

This weekend was all about the summer breeze. I really wanted to borrow a kite to fly, but I didn’t get a chance to spend as much time outside as I wanted because I’m on deadline. Having all the windows open so the summer breeze flowed in and listening to the mourning doves and deciding which flip-flops to wear later was happy times, so it’s all good.

Melissa Walker, author and journalist and Readergirl and like a zillion other things because she’s multitalented like that, has posted a Cover Story of Waiting for You. Well, it was supposed to be about Waiting for You, but it also looked at Take Me There since that cover went through some changes. I love how Melissa gets the whole Dawson’s Creek aesthetic of the cover. I was trying to capture that feeling in the story, so I’m stoked that she picked up on that. Stay tuned for a special treat with Melissa coming up this Friday!

Today’s special treat for you is my first contest in a series of four. Joining me for the He Was There All Along Contest is author Elizabeth Scott! I know you love her. I totally scored her latest book, Something, Maybe, and got Elizabeth to sign it for you. You can win it by commenting here. You can also win a signed copy of Waiting for You by commenting over at Elizabeth’s blog because this is a joint contest!

Here’s how to enter: Tell me (or both of us) about a boy you wished you would find, then realized that you already knew him. He was there all along! This is a theme that Something, Maybe and Waiting for You share, and we’d love to hear your own stories. If this kind of thing never happened to you but it happened to a friend, you can tell us about it instead. Or you can tell us about the boy you’ve been waiting for, even if you haven’t found him yet.

The contest ends at midnight this Sunday, May 3. Sorry, it’s only open to US residents. I will pick a winner at random to win Elizabeth’s book. She will pick a winner at random to win my book. So definitely enter to win both books! And yes, you may leave the same comment at both blogs. Or maybe you are very lucky and two boys have been there all along…