3 more weeks of waiting…

Time is really zipping by these days. I think it started around the time I resigned from teaching and became a full-time author, which was almost two years ago. But this warp-speed time phenomenon does not apply to book releases. It’s always so hard for me to wait for my new book to come out! So I’m stoked that there are only three more weeks to go before Waiting for You is released on May 14. I have four fun contests planned for you to win signed copies of Waiting for You. You can also win Take Me There, which comes out in paperback on May 14. The first contest begins on Monday with a special guest author, so stay tuned!

Sometimes little things that totally shouldn’t bother me can really, really bother me. It’s a symptom of being detail oriented. I am working on letting these little things go, but it’s hard. This may be a life-long struggle. One thing that was bothering me (which was so not a big deal) was the tag line for Take Me There. It said, “If you take a chance, you might just find true love.” I could not shut up my noisy brain about it, all clamoring that the tag line should really be, “If you take a chance, you just might find true love.” Which was so ridiculous because a.) who cares? and b.) I was the one who wrote it. After a while (i.e. way too long), I finally let it go.

Then the paperback edition arrived yesterday. The cover looked like this:

Take Me There by Susane Colasanti

It’s really cool how the universe takes care of things while we’re not even looking.

85 gorgeous degrees are coming our way this weekend. I hope it’s just as gorgeous where you are. Enjoy the springtime!

7 thoughts on “3 more weeks of waiting…

  1. The funniest thing about this post was that I was nodding my head, agreeing with you, understanding about the detail-oriented pet peeves, but I did NOT think you were going to say that YOU wrote the tag line! LOL! So you were just kicking yourself, but apparently the publisher thought to fix it? Did they know it was a pet peeve of yours or was it a total surprise?
    Waiting For You comes out two days before my semester is over, so I have hope that I’ll be able to read it right away! 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s the thing. I was just so mad at myself that I didn’t change what I wrote while I had the chance. My paperback publisher didn’t know about this – it was a total surprise! I guess I’m not the only one who thought the other way sounded better.

      • Great quote, great news
        Great quote about the believing in coincidences means you’re not paying attention. Yes, I used to believe that coincidences are coincidences…well, there are some coincidences, right? i mean, the sucky ones??
        That’s so great that the tag was fixed!! I completely can relate about detail-oriented worrying. One interview I went on this past year (which actually sucked) but did leave me with one good piece of advice: Letting go of perfectionism is key to success. Like my mother says, “Perfection is the opposite of good’.
        But that’s not what you’re writing about…more about how life has a way of ‘taking care of things’ and things have a way of ‘working out’.
        Sometimes we are presented with solutions that are the solutions that we originally wanted, or even, a better solution that we did not even think of! (Like online color printing, which is free, vs. online paper printing which costs $1000….who reads the paper printout (for scientific texts) anyway??). This week, I saved $1000. 🙂
        (Yes, paper is accepted to be published!)
        Thanks for the reminder of your Great News: ie, that there are only 3 wks left before Waiting for You will be released!! How awesome!! I just pre-ordered my 3 copies. 🙂

  2. Can NOT wait for Waiting For You! Three weeks seems SO far away…
    Oh, wow, it’s awesome that the tagline worked out for you! I totally understand what you’re saying about the little things like that being annoying :-p
    I hope you enjoyed your weekend! My friends and I spent it playing Quidditch… Yeah, we’re cool :-p.
    – Renee


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