your help, please

As part of my Waiting for You blog tour (May 1-14), I’ll be visiting ten book blogs. At each one, I’m going to discuss one of my Top Ten High School Myths. These are the things we’ve always heard are true about high school that are actually such lies. The first myth on my list is, “These are the best years of your life.” That one’s always a hoot and a holler. I’ve already written the list, but one of the myths isn’t working out the way I thought it would. I seem to be stuck.

Here’s where you come in. What’s the biggest high school myth you’ve ever heard? It can be something you’ve heard from teachers or parents, or maybe it’s a harsh reality you discovered while surviving the agony. Your help is much appreciated, so thanks in advance for sharing.

Oh, and Happy Earth Day!

14 thoughts on “your help, please

  1. Not entirely a big one, but I was told my entire life that everything you handed in in high school would have to be written in cursive. This is a lie. My teachers either flat out rejected anything handwritten, or if there was a legitimate excuse and something had to be turned in handwritten, it had to be in print for legibility.

      • How about, guidance counselors simply want to help YOU! Total lie. They just want to make you kinda happy and get you out of their office as quick as possible.

  2. One myth is that dances are really fun and the best part of high school. I went to one and it sucked so bad! It’s not fun at all, you are just uncomfortable- looking at everyone grinding-EW!

    • SO true. Back in the day, girls were plastered to one side of the gym and boys were on the other. Everyone kept sneaking glances back and forth, but no one dared to do anything until the last song when it was too late.

  3. How about that prom will be the best night of your life so far?
    Mine was awkward and got shut down an hour early because everyone left!
    and I totally agree with the cursive thing! All middle school teachers make you write in cursive until your hand aches and in high school they couldn’t care less as long as they can read it!

  4. i’m not even in high school yet,
    but i will be in about 5 months.
    the one thing teachers keep telling us is ‘after middle school, it’s all uphill.’
    but i don’t believe that at all.
    all my high school friends keep telling me it just gets worse.

    • Middle school and high school are both horrendous in their own ways. There are lots of similarities. It’s disappointing, but your better life won’t start until after high school. I know it seems like a million years from now. It’s annoying – time crawls until you graduate, and then afterwards time starts zooming by.

  5. I don’t know if this is something you’d want to use. But there’s this myth that you’ll never be in as good shape as you are in high school. I eat so much more healthfully and exercise so much more now than I did in high school and so am in better shape than I was then.


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