spring things

There’s another pre-blog tour interview with me at Innovative Teen. Click on over to find out my favorite scenes from When It Happens and Take Me There.

The mourning doves are back! I love these guys. Their sound always mellows me out. Combined with all of the pink flowers around here, I’m totally loving spring.

New York City flowering trees

Another fun spring thing is watching New Yorkers. Most of us usually walk around really quickly without looking up much. But these are the days when New Yorkers slow down a bit and take time to look up, all smiling. There’s so much to notice when we look up. Cool water towers, interesting window designs, vintage print on buildings that used to be stables and printing presses and stuff.

Paper press

It’s a whole new way to see the city. Walking around in the spring breeze is enough for me, but some people are rejuvenating spirits by offering bouncy rides at random subway stops. They’re free.

Trivia time. Did you know that “A Whiter Shade of Pale” has been the most played song in British public places over the past 75 years? Me neither. Dude, I was so obsessed with this song at one point. It was the kind of thing where, before iTunes, you had to go out and buy the whole CD for that one song you loved. In this case, it was pretty much the only good song on the CD. So worth it at the time.

Enjoy the magic of your Monday. TGIM. Take some time to notice a spring thing in your world!

2 thoughts on “spring things

  1. Exciting News!!!I started writing myown book! I’m not very far- I’m only on page 25 but im super excited to keep working on it. I wanted to thank you for inspiring me. πŸ™‚


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