setting things straight

I was interviewed at Katie’s Book Blog. This is a relatively new blog, so go on over and share the love. Thanks for a great interview, Katie!

This is day three of keeping my hair away from water. See, my hair is not naturally this straight. It is naturally a curly, frizzy horror show. So I have a Japanese straight perm. It’s a very long day when I have to go in to get it retouched (five or six hours!), but so worth it because then I have straight hair for another year (which I sort of get away with since my hair is almost two feet long). For three days after getting it done, you can’t let your hair get wet. So I’ve been wearing a shower cap and washing my face extra carefully and acting completely scared of rain. I totally didn’t feel like myself with curly hair. I am definitely more me now.

Here’s something random. I’ve always wondered why milk cartons in New York City have two expirations dates. There’s the general one and then there’s one just for NYC. It turns out that the earlier expiration date in NYC is based on some old safety rules. Now that that mystery is solved, I can move on to why so many dentists are evil.

In Netflix news, I’ve started watching Mad Men. Everyone around here raves about it. I feel like I’m missing something. I mean, it’s good, but it’s not the life-altering experience everyone says it is. So now I’m deciding among Gossip Girl, House, Dexter, or Prison Break for my next show. Your input is much appreciated.

10 thoughts on “setting things straight

  1. Prison Break! Every episode ends with a crazy cliff hanger so you hafta watch the next one. The plot is so smart and there’s a big ensemble cast to get attached to. Plus very hot boys!

    • Dude, it sounds like 24 with the cliffhangers. I’m so obsessed with 24 – when I start watching a new season, it’s like a non-stop marathon because I have to see what happens next right away! Thanks for the tip – hot boys are always a plus 😉

  2. I Second Prison Break
    I have to second the vote for Prison Break. One enticement is the very cute boys, but it has so much more than that. It is full of twists and turns and plenty of cliffhangers. In fact, my friends and I waited for it to come out on DVD so we wouldn’t have to wait a week to see the next episode. We couldn’t stand the wait! 🙂

  3. OMGH that is EXACTLY how my hair is. It is a frizzy mess! When i was reading Take me there forthe third time during spring break i noticed the hair thing. Rhinnan has frizzy italian hair too. I was like- thats me. cause everyone thinks its so pretty but i c it as just big. 🙂
    PS- quick question-are you ever thinking of turning your books into movies?

    • Yes, she totally has my hair! Before it was tamed, anyway 😉
      I really want When It Happens to be made into a movie. Take Me There would be another cool one, I think. It all depends on whether my agent can sell the movie rights…I hope so!

  4. laughing out loud
    too funny….you are like a cat, afraid of rain 🙂 but, i totally understand: i’m the same way when i get my hair flatironed. but it lasts 2d, not 1y (my hair is 2inches long, not 2feet long :))
    laughing out loud to read you are moving on to the mystery of why dentists are so evil….well, i actually know a few great and kind ones. my dentist (awesome sweet filipino woman), my cousins, and gerard’s dentist. maybe you should see a dentist out here. could it be that NYC dentists are evil? but no, evil people are everywhere.
    good luck solving that problem.


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