setting things straight

I was interviewed at Katie’s Book Blog. This is a relatively new blog, so go on over and share the love. Thanks for a great interview, Katie!

This is day three of keeping my hair away from water. See, my hair is not naturally this straight. It is naturally a curly, frizzy horror show. So I have a Japanese straight perm. It’s a very long day when I have to go in to get it retouched (five or six hours!), but so worth it because then I have straight hair for another year (which I sort of get away with since my hair is almost two feet long). For three days after getting it done, you can’t let your hair get wet. So I’ve been wearing a shower cap and washing my face extra carefully and acting completely scared of rain. I totally didn’t feel like myself with curly hair. I am definitely more me now.

Here’s something random. I’ve always wondered why milk cartons in New York City have two expirations dates. There’s the general one and then there’s one just for NYC. It turns out that the earlier expiration date in NYC is based on some old safety rules. Now that that mystery is solved, I can move on to why so many dentists are evil.

In Netflix news, I’ve started watching Mad Men. Everyone around here raves about it. I feel like I’m missing something. I mean, it’s good, but it’s not the life-altering experience everyone says it is. So now I’m deciding among Gossip Girl, House, Dexter, or Prison Break for my next show. Your input is much appreciated.