weekend update

TGIM! A few things happened this weekend. Let’s begin with some giveaway news. Taylor at For the Love of Books is giving away a copy of Take Me There. You have until April 18 to enter.

I had a flip-flop sighting. Look, I’m anxious to bust out the flip-flops, too, but not when it’s 50 degrees and raining. Note to this flip-flopper: too early, girl. Hang in there. I also saw a tourist wearing lavender Crocs. As if that wasn’t alarming enough, the tourist was a dude.

That reminds me. I just saw I Love You, Man, in which Jason Segel’s character wears shorts with Uggs. It’s hysterical. But that could be because I think everything Jason does is hysterical. And I’ve loved Paul Rudd for years. Slappin’ the bass! He is so underrated I can’t even. I’m going to keep the boy party going with some Freaks and Geeks and The Shape of Things viewing. Tycho Bro-he!

Signs of spring are becoming more apparent. As spring is my favorite season, this rocks. Here’s a sign of spring on 5th Avenue at 9th Street:

New York City flowering tree

It’s all dark and stormy today, but I will keep looking out for more signs. And resist wearing the flip-flops.

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