susane sampler

As if I wasn’t stoked enough about Waiting for You coming out on May 14, the friendly neighbors at Penguin have put together a Susane Sampler to get the party started. Woot! The sampler has a few chapters from all three of my books. So if you’d like a Waiting for You sneak peek or want to read a bit from When It Happens or Take Me There, you can check it out at Scribd.

Read on.

10 thoughts on “susane sampler

  1. i’m so excited for next friday.
    i get my allowance.
    and i’m buying your books.
    i’ve been reading these ecerpts over and over again all over the web, and i’m SO excited i’m finally going to buy them.

  2. Waiting For You
    Waiting For You is absolutely amazing so far! I can’t wait until it comes out to read the rest!

  3. you once posted a pic of your Dwight Shrute Workspace, do you still do that? How do you revise? With post-its on the pages? Color codes? I’m getting ready to revise my first attempt at a novel (after some time away from it to kind of forget things) and have no clue where to begin


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