Did you participate in Earth Hour? I heard Toronto did an awesome job. I’m not sure if the word got out around here so much, but I got my candles together with determination. Revising my manuscript by candlelight was challenging in the best possible way.

They were playing “Hangin’ Tough” in the gourmet store the other day. It was weird. There were fancy people waiting for their deli selections and old ladies in expensive suits picking out apples and New Kids was all like, “We’re gonna put you in a trance with a funky song!” I’ve been noticing a lot of strange combinations lately. Like salt in hot chocolate. I didn’t get the memo that they go. But apparently, it’s all the rage. My friend Joe likes drinking that in Starbucks, which I usually avoid because taking out a small loan just to buy a frappuccino is not my idea of fun times. Joe asked if I wanted to taste his salty hot chocolate. I was like “That’s okay.” Then he dared me. It was just as gross as I thought. But I won the dare, so the joke’s…well, the joke’s still on me because it was gross.

The musical status was a lot different in Rite Aid. I went in to score some Cadburry Creme Eggs. I do not like those, but someone I make Easter baskets for loves them. I don’t know about other areas, but here in New York those suckers sell out by early March (I hope you got yours, Sharyn!). You’d think stores would just order more. So of course the Cadburry Creme Egg box was totally empty. This didn’t bother me, though. “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” came on, which is the best Andy Gibb song. I was busting a move right there in aisle nine. My taste in music often suggests that I’m about twenty years older. Another good Andy Gibb one is “Shadow Dancing.” It’s the new song on my MySpace, so click on over to enjoy.

6 thoughts on “taste

  1. starbucks is my only vice.
    considering i’m 13, i think that’s pretty good.
    and that Gilmore Girls scene is completely wonderful.
    my friend Sophie and i did earth hour.
    i’m afraid of the dark,
    but i got over it.


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