You guys were right. Season two of Veronica Mars is just not the same as season one. Season one was magical. That whole Who Killed Lilly plotline was so good. But season two just feels forced. I mean, of course I’m still watching it and I’ll watch season three, it just doesn’t flow as smoothly anymore. And the evil butthead that is Jason Dohring’s character in season two is harshing my JD crush. I’m thinking of watching Flight of the Conchords next. Is that a good show? Those of you following my Twitter know that I cannot stop laughing at that “Business Time” video. Freaking hilarious, yo.

In breaking news, Blake Nelson is reading Waiting for You and liking it! I gave him a galley when I saw him and he read a lot of it on the plane. I’m stoked. Everyone knows you can’t read a book you hate on the plane. There’s something about the whole plane/airport/endless waiting situation that requires entertaining reading.

Once in a while I’ll put something really random in one of my books and then I’ll read another book with that same random thing and I’ll be like, “No way! I used butterscotch krimpets, too!” I love these little discoveries because they make me feel more connected to other authors. Being on the same wavelength is fun times. So when I saw that Carrie Jones had the same exact Sesame Street clip that I was planning to post, I was like, “Shut up! How did you know?” But of course she didn’t know. It’s just that wavelength thing again.

For your viewing pleasure, I present the second installment of the Yip-Yip Martians, the best Sesame Street muppets ever. As my friend Eric already pointed out, the best part is how they extend their protective lower lip over their face when they’re scared (usually with sort of a gong! noise). Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “connections

  1. wavelength thing
    Yes, that wavelength thing IS pretty incredible. it’s affirmation of life and connection.
    LOVE the Sesame Street clip….wow! i never saw that before. genius! i cannot wait to show my girlfriends’ daughters today, they will LOVE it!! thanks for sharing!! you always find the best of everything.


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