signing of wonder

So here’s how they fit about 40 authors into the Biggest Teen Book Author Signing Ever yesterday at Books of Wonder. We were divided into three groups for signings. I was in the first group for 40 minutes and then I got to mingle with readers. I was seriously stoked to meet everyone.

These girls rocked the house:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

I got to sign jeans! Heck yeah! This was such an excellent idea that I was kind of bummed I didn’t think of it myself. My artistic skills were psyched to be used for something other than scrapbooking.

Hayley wanted me to sign her dictionary:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

Her directions were to pick my favorite word, mark it, and sign. Another totally brill idea! I was like, “You know which word I’m going to pick,” and she went, “Love has already been taken,” and I was all, “Dang it!” So I picked peace, another quality word.

Renee was there!

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

She’s the winner of the Waiting for You contest where I asked you guys to write part of a key scene for the book. She had the most adorable idea. I hope she likes what I did with it.

Fellow Degrassi fan Jeremy was rocking this shirt:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

We were both hardcore fans of the old Degrassi. He’s even been to Degrassi Street, but when I visited Toronto that street was pretty far from the main city area (same with the school they film in), so I didn’t go. I asked the concierge if the Dot was a real place and was sort of laughed at. You can see half of Mitali on the left. She professionally documented the entire event, so I’m looking forward to her pics and comments.

Then I got all fangurl on Blake Nelson. I love love love his books. If you haven’t read any Blake Nelson yet, I recommend starting with Girl. You will be hungry for more. We’ve met before and he knew who I was, so he already knows I’m a serious fan (although I’m sure I still managed to scare him with my intensity). Here’s an action shot of me talking to Blake (blurry from all the action!):

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

Yeah, we stand around having conversations and such. We’re tight like that. Sometimes we even go dancing:

Books of Wonder ginormous signing, 2009

I heard a rumor that we’re doing this huge signing again next year, so if I didn’t have a chance to see you I hope you can make it then!

15 thoughts on “signing of wonder

    • I would have signed next to the word: mustachioed. That word so rocks.
      PS You were indirectly in my stress dream last night. I’ll tell you all about it one of these days.

        • Not at all. You only contributed indirectly.
          Right now, my editor and I are working to come up with a new title for my third book. She doesn’t feel the one I have been using fits.
          So anyway, I dreamt that she decided on the title and cover design without me and went with WAITING FOR YOU. And the cover design was dreadful. It was just a B&W sketch of a woman with a child standing behind her, which has nothing to do with my book.
          I freaked. Well, in my dream I freaked.

  1. 😀
    It was so great to meet you! I’m sure I’ll love whatever you do with the scene 🙂 btw, I absolutely loved your shoes! They were adorable 😀

    • Re: 😀
      I was thrilled to finally meet you! I REALLY appreciate you coming so far to be with us.
      Your pics are fabulous! You saw authors I didn’t even get to see! So cool. I’ll be linking to your blog entry next time, probably Wednesday. It was fun to see SP in the background of the Scott pic. And yes, the sneakers! Sadly, they were not documented in action.

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