here comes the sun

Welcome to spring! Today is the day I look forward to all winter. It is the vernal equinox. It’s all sparkly rainbows and sweet sunshine.

Only, it’s snowing out. A bit. There are flurries.

See, here’s the thing. The first day of spring doesn’t mean that temperatures are instantly in the 60s. There are factors involved. It’s just that I already put my boots away and I will not be taking them out again until, hopefully, December. Boots are part of my Warming Plan*.

Warming Plan:

1. Knee socks (with stripes, hearts, or smiley faces).
2. Boots (Rocket Dog)
3. Hat (must stretch down enough to cover ears; preferably containing a large pom-pom)
4. Scarf (soft and fluffy; may wear two if temperature is below 20 degrees)
5. Gloves (extra-long to cover arms halfway to elbow)
6. Coat (need to get a puffy one for extra insulation without looking like a marshmallow)

*To be implemented every single day of winter, with exceptions for unlayering on freakishly warm days.

It’s such a relief not to wear all of this stuff every time I go out. Walking around in jeans and a T-shirt is delicious. As much as I’d love to bust out the flip-flops, I can’t immediately shift to my first choice of footwear. That’s okay, though, because I just got these:

Rocket Dog rainbow laces

Converse was my first love. They were all I wore in college. I had every single color and wore them until they pretty much fell apart. Now I’m loving the Rocket Dogs. These are so cute! It may not feel like springtime today, but it’s officially a new season. I am past the Warming Plan. The flurries will not psych me out. And there is a revision to finish, so my vernal equinox blog celebration must end. Happy day to you!

11 thoughts on “here comes the sun

  1. Those shoelaces will spruce up ANY shoes! πŸ™‚
    And omg, I knew you were a kneesock girl!! Well, my subconscious knew. A couple nights ago I dreamed I was at some kind of convention (I think because I’ve been looking at the summer ALA one) and you were there. I came up behind you as you were leaving and you had the long dark hair, glasses, and *knee socks*! LOL!
    And yes, it’s snowing here too… that’s got to stop!

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