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Waiting for You will be released in less than two months. May 14 is almost here! Sort of. Time always drags when I’m really looking forward to something. But it’s complicated because time seems to be zooming by at an alarming rate these days. Weeks fly by before I even realize where they went. Is it possible for time to move both slowly and quickly?

One of the contests I’ll be having to win a free copy involves floor displays, which will mostly be found in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. The floor displays will contain all three of my books, which I’m beyond stoked about. I’ll also be asking for photos of you with the floor display for my collage, so please be on the lookout, friendly neighbors.

In other Waiting for You news, it is currently being translated into Turkish! After the German and French rights were sold to Take Me There, I was sort of expecting Spain or Italy to be next to translate. This is a cool surprise. I can’t wait to see how the book will look in Turkey. It should be an interesting cover change.

This is a very exciting week. The vernal equinox is on Friday. Spring is almost here! I would be balancing an egg at 7:44 am, except that would require me to be awake. Good thing you can balance an egg any time.

Will I see you this Sunday?


4 thoughts on “the latest

    • But you’re so lucky! In NJ we weren’t free until the middle of June, and here in NYC it’s the end of June. I know May 29 seems like a million years from now, though.
      Love your new cupcake image 😉


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