mars in neptune is like mercury

Due to overwhelming excitement from, like, the world, I’m finally watching Veronica Mars. I’m almost done with season one and am disturbed that there are only two more seasons left. Can I just say wow? It’s so freaking good. I’m not into Veronica’s ex, the one who’s supposed to be the hottie. I’m liking this Logan boy instead:

Logan and Veronica on Veronica Mars

I loved the scene where they got caught making out on the couch! Where has Jason Dohring been all my life? He’s my type of nerd chic. Not that I’m adding him to my husband list or anything. We’ve only known each other for less than a season. Oh, maybe we should check in with my #1 husband to make sure there are no jealous feelings:

John Krasinski at Shiny Happy Apple World

Oh good, he’s still at Shiny Happy Apple World. We’re getting together there later for some iPod dancing, like in Take Me There.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Jason, aka Mr. Cutie Cute. Wait. Is that inappropriate? He looks really young on the show. Let’s see…back in 2003 we were both in our twenties. Totally legit. Season one is from 2004, though. Still legit. But where is Jason now? I hear he’s doing some kind of vampire rah-rah. I have a strict no-vampire policy. Vampires are scary. Even when they’re sexyscary, they’re still scary. They creep me out worse than that rabbit in Donnie Darko.

Anyway. I’ve heard that season one is the best of the three, so I hope there are more fun adventures to come.