demetri martin = funny

Demetri Martin has been my absolute fave comedian for years. He does a form of cerebral comedy, with diagrams and word manipulation and graphs. He even plays instruments, which just makes everything funnier. I like when he dings these strange bells on the floor. At first, he had a smaller group of loyal followers, wondering why the whole world didn’t know who he was. But we were confident that he would be huge one day. Sure enough, Demetri was on the cover of New York magazine a few weeks ago. I’m so proud of him.

Demetri makes a lot of sense, which is one of the many reasons he is so funny. Like with throwing stones. You know that old adage, “Those in glass houses should not throw stones?” Demetri thinks that should be updated to, “No one should throw stones.” Think about it. He even makes the point that people in glass houses are the only ones who should throw stones, but only if they’re trapped inside.

Let’s see some acute observations from Demetri’s new show, Important Things. Funny!


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