As you probably had where you are, we had a really warm weekend here in New York. It was almost 70 degrees on Saturday afternoon, so I was ready to celebrate. You didn’t need a coat! Or a hat! Or two scarves! We walked to the river and visited my peaceful space. It’s a Zen garden which is, in warmer months, all secluded by various types of tall grasses and flowers. I love being in the middle of the busy city one second, then all immersed in this mellow environment the next.

Here’s how I felt about the day:

The Warm Day

Here’s how SP felt about the day:

The Warm Day

He’s pretending to be a farmer testing the crops. That’s why he has a piece of hay in his mouth.

In other (emotionally) warm news, there’s a site where you can ask elders for advice. Elder Wisdom Circle is waiting for your questions! It always bothers me when older people are disrespected, or when people brush them off like they don’t understand. They are a wealth of experience and knowledge. They have great advice for the rest of us. And we will be them one day. So let’s share the love.

Every time I turn on my computer and my new Office wallpaper comes up, I feel a warm glow. The whole “take a chance” theme is at the heart of every one of my books. I loved it when Jim finally said that to Pam.

Jam wallpaper

Fellow hardcore Office fans should know that this wallpaper is from Fanpop. They have lots of Office wallpapers!