I’m on Twitter. My user name is susanecolasanti.

Of course, my Luddite tendencies prevent me from firing up a new online habit without working out some conflict. I didn’t get Twitter at first. But now it’s won me over.

Top Five Reasons Why I Entered the Twittersphere

1. Facebook status updates are only visible to Facebook friends, while everyone can see Twitter.

2. The 140 character limit challenges writers to be profound in a limited capacity. (Fun fact: I nailed the 140 characters on my first update, which I think has a special name. But, apparently, no prize).

3. Information sharing of the non-lame variety can improve the world. For example, “I’m going to Wash World” probably isn’t impressing us much, but “John Krasinski is waiting for you on this corner” is vital information.

4. This is yet another way for me to connect with friendly neighbors, and that is a very good thing.

5. It’s fun.

See you over there!