house of penguin, another day

Oh, did you think the Waiting for You release date was May 28? Psych! It will now be released on May 14, 2009! That means even less waiting for me. I’m so excited to see three of my books on the shelves. It also means moving up all the cool marketing stuff that Penguin has planned for the book release, so you should be hearing about fun things soon.

Speaking of my awesome publishing house, I spent some time at the House of Penguin yesterday. I met with my new publicist, Samantha, who is very sweet. Then I met with my magnificent editors to discuss the next revision of Something Like Fate.

Kendra Levin, Susane Colasanti, and Regina Hayes

These are my editors, Kendra Levin and Regina Hayes. They are a most excellent team. Regina is the president and publisher of Viking Children’s Books (my hardcover imprint at Penguin) and responsible for discovering lots of amazing authors, like Ambassador Jon Scieszka. I am incredibly honored to be working with her. When we went to lunch after, Kendra spotted Dan Rather right away. She’s swift like that.

Laurie Halse Anderson spent some time at the House of Penguin earlier this week. She left this for me:


A signed copy of Wintergirls! I could not be more excited for the release of Wintergirls. This book is just so beyond outstanding. And it will be released the day before the vernal equinox! Seriously, there are no coincidences.