zen retreat

For the past two days, I’ve had zero computer time. It’s refreshing to take a zen retreat now and then, where you can just unplug, unwind, and do all of that quality stuff we used to do more of back in the day. Like reading. And interacting with other people in person. I caught up on my scrapbooking. I even had a one-hour massage yesterday.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I imply that this was a voluntary retreat? Yeah, no, my DVD drive stopped working, so my computer was in for repairs. Apparently, when your computer is 3.5 years old and you use it for all of your show watching, wear and tear happens. Now, it’s one thing to go on vacay and leave the computer behind. I can be away from my iBook for a week and it’s totally preferable if I’m relaxing with the palm trees somewhere exotic. But if I’m still here in my apartment? The spontaneous zen retreat made me realize the following things:

1. I spend about 12 hours a day in front of my computer.

2. I have loads of free time without it.

When I took my iBook in, I was originally told that it would take almost a week to replace the DVD drive. That would have been a problem, since I’ll be starting the second revision of Something Like Fate in a few days and I want to get to a certain place with book five before then. So we were at dinner that night and I was talking about what happened, when an extra friendly neighbor got up from the next table and came over. Of course he was the owner of the repair shop! I gave him my info and the job was done right away. Sweet!

Karma has been smiling at me all week. You know what that means. Time to go pay it forward…


5 thoughts on “zen retreat

  1. i remember one time when my CD drive stopped working,
    and every time i plugged in speakers to my computer, my computer broke them.
    my computer doesn’t like it when i listen to music.
    i don’t know why.

  2. Dude, what are the chances?!?! And in New York?! For him to be there, overhear you well enough to know it was his repair shop, etc., etc… that’s so outrageous! I’m glad your puter is back, though you’re right that we should take more breaks from it. 😉
    BTW, my best friend has been looking for a job for over a year now (and doing tons of temp work in the meantime), and when I got home yesterday, I had this feeling that she’d gotten one, which didn’t make any sense because she’d just received two rejection letters & didn’t have anything else lined up. But I felt like she’d gotten a health-related administrative job, even though she’d just been rejected from one. Turns out, she got an interview, went on the interview, and got offered one (in the health field) all in the same day, and it’s finally permanent! My intuition is back since I’ve been feeling better these past few months, which is nice. 🙂

  3. that’s Karma.
    yes, isn’t it amazing how much free time we have without our computers?
    to read and talk to people? but when you do that, you cannot write.
    computers are a writer’s best friend.
    internet, too.


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