3, 23, 33…next?

Yesterday was a day of awesome. It was over 60 degrees here. So refreshing! Walking around in February without a coat and scarf and hat and gloves is badass in the best possible way.

During my excited fit of walking around, I stopped by Circuit City to pick through the carcass. How sad is it that they’re going out of business? At least we still have Best Buy. I cannot imagine paying full price for CDs and DVDs, or even things like my Nikon Coolpix. I only pay full price when I really want something that’s not at the discount places. So I found a James Taylor CD for $4.19 and finally got Dan in Real Life. I also snagged Garden State. Not because I don’t already own it, because of course I own my favorite movie. This one can be a gift. Or just, like, backup.

Which reminds me. I have to make an executive decision about what show to watch next. I finished One Tree Hill, which turned out to be so freaking good in the last few seasons. Plus, I have a new fave character:

Jamie and Chester on One Tree Hill

Chester! He is so fluffy and fat! Fluffy Chester! And Jamie could not be cuter. When he draws that picture of him and Nathan at the beginning of season five and gives it to Nathan? Heartbreaking. I also loved how OTH skipped ahead four years. What a totally brill way to avoid the whole Now It’s Time For Everyone To Go To College But How Do We Keep Them Together? part of things, which usually ends up being desperate and fake. It’s sad when you get into a show and then one day you look up and there are no more eps left. Time to move on. Here are the top three choices from my Netflix queue:

Veronica Mars
Gossip Girl
Mad Men

I’ve heard good things about all of these shows. Which do you recommend? Other show recommendations are also welcome.

11 thoughts on “3, 23, 33…next?

  1. Veronica Mars!! Mad Men is good, but I couldn’t make it through the second season, maybe when it comes back to On Demand this summer, I’ll watch it.
    I haven’t watched Gossip Girl, but I’ve read the first two books.

  2. The first season of Veronica Mars is made of AWESOME.
    ITA about the fifth season of OTH. Skipping the college years was the way to go.
    Other shows worth checking out: The Wire. Homicide. The BBC miniseries State of Play. Band of Brothers.

  3. Veronica Mars definitely. She’s so snarky. If I could be any fictional character it’d be her. I think you’ll love it.
    Sidenote: I named my Jeep Veronica and my hamster after another girl on the show!

    • Oh, I have TOTALLY watched the heck out of Gilmore Girls and absolutely love that show. Definitely one of my faves. I wish there were more like it. The Rory/Lorelai dynamic was so realistic while also being so unique. Impressive!

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