sweet things

I’m still smiling over my meeting with Kiefer. I think it’s an awesome example of creative visualization in action. I’d been talking about meeting Kiefer and giving him a book for, like, ever. I just had this feeling that I would definitely meet him one day. Which is sort of reasonable, since he lives a few blocks from me. There’s more to it than that, though. It’s about putting out positive energy with your words and actions to bring the things you want to you. I think that the universe is always listening to us. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of our dreams will come true, sadly. But I believe that if you make a wish, keep it in your heart, and don’t stop believing, you have a much better chance of that wish coming true.

I am happy to report that there was no Sunday Night Dread around here last weekend. There was no time. My entire weekend (and week) consisted of interacting with these objects:

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti manuscript

Ooh, what’s that? That’s the revision of my fourth book, Something Like Fate. If all goes well, it should be released in May of 2010.

Now that the revision is in, I’m giving myself a few days to chill before returning to book five (I miss you, book five!). Well, chill with a To Do list about a mile long. Oh, and I’m continuing my search for the new Ben & Jerry’s Obama flavor, Yes Pecan! Has anyone seen this flavor anywhere?

5 thoughts on “sweet things

    • Those are actually my prized rainbow tropical fish and flower erasers 🙂
      I want ice cream, too, except I just found out that Yes Pecan! isn’t sold in pints. It was only in scoop shops during January. Drag.


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