things that are rad

We were having dinner Saturday night at Babbo when the table next to us received a very special treat. Every single dessert on the menu was delivered to their table. For reals. I wish you could have seen their table. It was a thing of beauty. So of course I had to lean over and say to them, “You guys are awesome.” It turns out that they didn’t order every single dessert on the menu. They were friends with Mario Batali, master chef and owner. Mario is an example of a good friend to have.

Neighbors, you should know by now that it’s cool to be smart. That’s why I’m psyched about the new Electric Company! I used to love the Electric Company, but I don’t really remember anything from it. There used to be all these odd science and literacy shows on Channel 13 that I adored. They were weird and random and I thought their existence was the coolest thing ever. I remember this one show that had a sort of reading and writing club. I even got a membership card in the mail that said “Palabra Jot!” I can’t remember what I learned from these shows, but the fact that I remember bits and pieces of them means they were doing their job of sharpening my noodle. It’s so exciting that the good people at PBS have renewed their commitment to help kids pick themselves up and dust themselves off. And learn how to read and spell.

Dude! I just Googled “Palabra Jot” and found this link to some YouTube clips. The show was called “The Write Channel.” Dig the 70s wardrobes.

I’m usually the last one to know about what’s new in the virtual sphere, but I had no idea that you could trade Linden dollars on Second Life for real dollars. You could have a whole Second Life business! That could be your job! I wonder if Dwight and Jim’s avatars know this, or if they’re just hanging out, flying around and playing guitar. I also wonder how much paper Dwight’s guy has sold.

1 thought on “things that are rad

  1. I just listened to the Square One theme song to see if it would spark my memory and, sadly, it did not. But! The clip linked to Kids Incorporated and 3-2-1- Contact, both of which were also awesome. Where have all these quality shows gone? Is it so unreasonable to think that kids nowadays would still be into this stuff?
    Actually, maybe I did watch Square One, because I see that Dirk was all like, “Use your noodle,” and when I was a teacher I was all about the noodle. See, these things seep into our subconscious and then we don’t even remember that new ideas are inspired by old ones. Fascinating.


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