How is Twitter different from Facebook status updates?

Everyone seems to be riding the Twitter train now and I’m thinking of joining the ride. But I don’t entirely get it, so I thought you guys could explain what I’m missing. It’s just a page of status updates, right? Why wouldn’t you just update on Facebook? And how come the Facebook people didn’t think of this and just offer a feed of status updates from there, if that’s what people want?

Hmm. I’m definitely missing something. Please explain.

6 thoughts on “tweet?

  1. twitter
    Your right, twitter is just like the facebook statuses. People use it I guess, just to see what other people are doing,I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t just use facebook also, but I guess people just want it seperate from facebook? I totally agree with you 😛

  2. I use Twitter mainly because I can’t get Facebook at work and Twitter isn’t blocked. Plus there’s a Twitter gadget for my Google homepage.
    Plus some people update it more often than Facebook. I like it. I do both, but Twitter is a workday thing.

  3. no difference, really
    as said above, there isn’t really much of a difference. I suppose the work thing is credible, but you don’t really go to work (I mean, somewhere else where there are websites that are blocked).

  4. My all time favorite PBS nerd show will always be “Square One TV” (with Mathman, Mathnet, and a very awesome song about roman numerals which, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I just discovered I can now hear once again). Although the little seen “Ghost Writer” will always be a sympathetic favorite, because one of my elementary school friends appeared in a few episodes.

  5. Twitter
    I don’t have a facebook, so I’m not sure of this, but I know that with Twitter I can update using my cell phone along with using the web. There are also other apps that allow you to use your iPhone or Blackberry to update as well. I like Twitter, and I can follow my friends and see what’s up with them as well. 🙂

    • Re: Twitter
      That’s basically it. I like to consider it more like an Ad-Hoc type of chat room. Plus its on the go with your cell phone.
      Facebook is to reunite with old friends and school buddies. Myspace is to basically do the same but you get the added bonus of really slow page loads, loud music and 1% probability you’ll meet the love of your life there.
      With Twitter I technically text message all my friends in 1 shot and they all can reply to that 1 message I sent. I can also follow and speak to some cool people and celebs. Like the guys from, (MC)Hammer, and Shaq. I’d say Brittany but she hires people to tweet for her.

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