day one

I’m loving that CNN and Facebook provided a way for me to watch the inauguration of President Obama. It would not have been the same just listening to NPR. I am so excited to have a president who knows how to improve the world. This is the thing that has always impressed me most about him.

President Obama’s speech was just as amazing as I expected. He was extremely clear about the most important issues that need attention right now: achieving peace, lowering insane health care costs, improving school quality, and using a lot more renewable energy. I loved how he announced that it’s time to “restore science to its rightful place.” Other fave parts:

“We have chosen hope over fear.”

“The time has come to choose our better history.”

“Imagination has joined a common purpose.”

“We cannot be broken.”

“We can shape an uncertain destiny.”

This is our time. “It’s time to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off.” This is the beginning of a better era, “a future of peace and dignity.” It’s a “new era of responsibility.”

Congratulations. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. This is our day to rejoice.

6 thoughts on “day one

    • I’m so glad that you got to watch the inauguration in school. I just stopped watching the parade online…I’ve been watching all day! And crying all day. It’s been overwhelming in the best possible way.

  1. great quotes
    thanks for highlighting quotes from the beautiful inauguration speech. yes, very exciting day it was. and a lot to be hopeful for!

  2. The “we can shape an uncertain destiny” seemed to counter the fact that Bush saw America’s destiny as certain, inevitable, direct from God. At work we only were able to have the radio on, but I came home and watched everything online afterwards. Obama and Michelle dancing at all the balls was just classic. And he actually looked *happy* and relaxed for once, which was nice to see. 🙂

    • Watching the Obamas dance at the balls was so fun! I watched them at four or five balls (it’s hard to remember how many I saw, at the end of my 12-hour online viewing fest).
      Yes we can shape our destiny 😀


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