new and improved

The pink iguana!

Pink iguana

This is a new species of buddies that was just discovered in the Galapagos. When so many awesome living things are becoming extinct, it’s exciting to discover new friendly neighbors around.

Over at Teen Reads, you can vote for your fave young-adult book of 2008. You can either vote for a title already on the list or add a new title. Why not head over and spread the love?

Doing research for Something Like Fate, I came across this interesting Find Your Fate site. If you want to know more about astrology, numerology, palmistry, dream analysis and such, you might like it. I’m fascinated by all of these things. Readers of Take Me There may remember the dream journals that Nicole used to have. That idea was totally based on my actual dream journals in high school. The more I recorded my dreams, the more dreams I would have, and in greater detail. It was really cool, but got way too time consuming so I had to shut down the journals.

Oh, and about One Tree Hill? I just saw the school shooting episode. Best. Ep. Ever. I’m all in. But evil psycho dad needs to chill. I can’t believe he killed Keith. He’s really pissing me off. Oh well, I will just focus on everyone else, since they are such sweet characters. Just goes to show, there’s always light within the darkness.


One thought on “new and improved

  1. iguanas rock!
    Judy and Lenny’s parents just got back from their weeklong boat trip in none else but the Galapagos!! They had the most wonderful time!
    I will send you photos of more iguanas (yes, from the galapagos) and of my favorite: the blue footed boobie. Must seriously be the most adorable bird ever. You will fall in love!


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