people always leave

I’ve been Netflixing One Tree Hill because I keep hearing that it’s good. I couldn’t really make up my mind about it during the first two seasons. I’m in the middle of season three now, and it’s getting good. I mean, it’s definitely not Dawson’s Creek, or even The O.C., but I like its weird quirks. Like that strange “ice cream day” song Nathan’s car stereo sometimes plays. Or how Peyton said that she fell in love with music when she heard The Cure’s Disintegration. I even like the bracelet Nathan gave Haley from his Cracker Jack box. And all those letters Brooke wrote to Lucas! I love the idea that real letters are still being written.

Peyton is my favorite character, by far. I admire her strength and talent and heart.

One Tree Hill, people always leave

However, the evil dad has apparently confused a teen dramedy with a bad telenovela and it’s really annoying. Did he take a wrong turn somewhere? He’s been tired since season one and if I decide to move on to season four and beyond, I hope his character evolves. Also, Chad’s hair was all shaved and decent in season two, but now it seems to be leaning more towards the fluffy porcupine look again. Oh! And I’m so not buying that Lucas would rather be with Brooke than Peyton when he’s wanted Peyton forever. That’s just false.

Friendly neighbors, are any of you One Tree Hill fans? What are your thoughts (without spoilers, please, although hints are okay)?


8 thoughts on “people always leave

  1. My understanding is that the show was barreling toward Luke/Peyton until Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush got married, at which point CMM insisted that they do an about face with his character and hook him up with Brooke again. Fan outrage ensued, I guess. (Although, speaking as someone who far prefers Brooke to Peyton in the few episodes of this show I’ve seen, I’m all for it.)

    • Scandalous! Weren’t they only married for like five months? It must have been really fun to work together after that. This makes sense now…
      I’ll have to keep watching Brooke. I like how she toned down the whole party girl thing. And I hope Clothes Over Bro’s makes a comeback!

  2. Oh One Tree Hill
    I am an avid reader of all things young adult and I love the blogs YA authors produce, hence my presence here.
    I have been watching One Tree Hill every season mainly because it followed Gilmore Girls back in the day, and I agree with you in that season three is the really interesting one. It gets silly as it goes on but also incredibly emotional. I recommend season four as well just because it finishes the year from season three and is my personal favorite. I don’t know your feelings on Chris Keller, but her has become one of my favorite characters. I am not sure why I still watch it, but but every now and again it has just really good episodes. Oh and the music is fun. So I say keep on because I am.

    • Re: Oh One Tree Hill
      First off, LOVE your user pic ❤
      I adore Gilmore Girls! I was psyched that there were several seasons to watch. I like how One Tree Hill has two seasons per school year. The whole one year on TV = one year in real life tendency is so limiting.
      Chris Keller has always been interesting to me. I like when he helped get Haley and Nathan back together, then was all, “Chris Keller’s work is done here.”

  3. I’ve watched it from day one and I’m in love. I know it can have some crazy drama a lot of times, but what show doesn’t? Season 3 and 4 are the best. The show is amazing because of how well they capture teenage emotions. Plus the music is incredible. They always pick the perfect song for a scene and I’ve found many new bands through the show. As far as Dan goes, he alternates between being evil and normal for a while, but I think eventually he does evolve. Sort of. And I think the Brooke/Lucas relationship makes sense. It didn’t at first, but I love them in season 3. I don’t see who could not love Brooke. I think her character develops far more than anyone else’s. I do agree about Lucas’s hair. It gets even worse in 4. But stick with it! There’s so many hilarious scenes to make up for all the drama.

  4. i lovelovelove this show.
    i only started watching last season,
    season five.
    it fasts forwards a few years, and there’s a lot of past drama.
    the show is SO good now.
    when i’ve watched old episodes,
    i love it then.
    but it’s so much better now.
    i cry at least once every episode.


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