city lights

Your TGIM thought of the day is brought to you by bokeh. Bokeh is a photo effect I’ve always loved, but I didn’t know there was a name for it or even a whole practice of creating photos with blurry lights. Photos of round, fuzzy city lights rock my world.

Taylor-Tomorrow is a master of bokeh. She creates gorgeous photos that speak to me, like this one.  This photo is right out of Take Me There, and even inspired a quote from the book.

Taylor says, “I don’t live in the city, but it feels like home to me.” That’s exactly how I felt growing up in New Jersey, pulled from across the water by the energy of New York City. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us, Taylor! It’s always a happy day when I connect with a kindred spirit.

5 thoughts on “city lights

  1. I saw the subject title and thought you were going to talk about San Francisco’s hidden gem, the City Lights bookstore. 🙂 I adore that place!
    The photos are pretty cool too, but not quite as fuzzy as the feeling I get knowing that I’m standing in the same place that Ginsberg and Kerouac did some of their writing. 🙂

  2. It’s in North Beach on Lombard. 🙂 A tiny little place, but *sigh* it’s awesome. There are little chairs and stools all over with signs that say something like, “Please, sit and read a book!”


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