my boyfriend is a rock star

I would never consider my work important enough to frame. Or even to randomly tack up on the wall. But SP doesn’t feel that way. He’s my #1 fan. So he had this specially made for me:

Take Me There frame

It’s a collection of Take Me There things. There’s the book jacket and part of the floor display and some author notes. SP also took a Gelly Roll pen and heart erasers and guitar picks from the John Mayer fan club and some other things that apply to the book. Then he had everything assembled by a schmancy framer. How cool is that?

In the entire history of me, no one has ever cared about me this much. One thousand gold stars for him.


10 thoughts on “my boyfriend is a rock star

  1. Oh my gosh! It’s so beautiful! Like one big scrapbook page to hang on your wall! So creative and thoughtful! I’m really impressed, Susane! I’m so happy you have SP in your life. It’s quite inspirational… you can live out the things you believe in and write about in your books, so your life lends credibility to your writing, and vice versa. Also, it’s rare, not taken for granted! SP is the first one to go to such lengths – wow! So many kudos to him. =D


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