Required reading for 2009:

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

I’m lucky enough to share a publisher with Laurie Halse Anderson, so I was able to score a galley of Wintergirls (thanks, Kendra!). It’s hard to imagine reading a new book by Laurie and seeing that she’s becoming an even more impressive writer, but there it is.

The power of this story will blow you away.

If I were an English teacher at a school that actually allowed some flexibility with the reading list, I would make Wintergirls mandatory reading. Not just because all of my students would absolutely love it, be moved by it, and/or have their lives changed by it. This book reaches out to every person who has been afflicted by anorexia, directly or indirectly, and brings them into a world where we can understand the depths of the illness. It will help teens strengthen their self-esteem. It will inspire lifelong readers.

March 19, 2009. Be amazed.


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