top five holiday movies (sort of)

How are you celebrating the new year? It’s supposed to be zero degrees here tonight with the windchill, so I’m looking forward to a night of staying in for fun times. We’re having an Entourage marathon and avoiding Times Square. In my humble opinion, parties can be fun if they involve good friends, board games, cards, and baking chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a party like that in forever, so a night of DVDs and ordering in is the next best thing.

If you’re also staying in tonight and looking for a good holiday movie, this journal entry is for you! Presenting my Top Five Holiday Movies (sort of, because they all feature Christmas but not as a central theme).

1. The Holiday

I can relate to feelings of profound loneliness this time of year. The Holiday begins in the depths of relationship despair, then makes you feel like anything is possible. Special appearance by my husband, John Krasinski.

2. The Family Man

Because I have love for New York like that.

3. Untamed Heart

Back in 1993, I was too busy with college to watch movies or even know what movies were out (except for Philadelphia, which was filmed on Penn’s campus). However, Christian Slater always finds his way back to me and watching Untamed Heart was inevitable. This movie rocks my world.

4. Serendipity

Jeremy Piven and I go way back. Plus, their frozen hot chocolate is the ultimate.

5. Go

The three different perspectives inspired the format of Take Me There. Plus, Timothy Olyphant is way underrated.

Whether you’re staying in, going out, or doing some of both, have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!