things that rock

I am interviewed over at What Vanessa Reads. Vanessa’s site has a new design and lots going on, so why not go on over and say hey? I’m so impressed with Vanessa and other teens who share their love of reading with us in such meaningful ways. Long live real books!

Smart chicks like Tina Fey rule. She is also funny and insightful and way talented. Thus, she is one of my people. So when I recently found out that she lived on the Upper West Side at 80th & Columbus, I was like, “No way! I lived at 80th & Columbus!” And then she said how when she lived there, she watched the new planetarium at the Museum of Natural History being built. I was all, “Get out! I watched the planetarium being built!” Which means not only were we neighbors, we were neighbors at the exact same time. I like this.

High tea in Canada

On our way home from Canada, we had high tea at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. High tea is righteous. I got to pretend I was way fancier than I am, plus there’s dessert. Here you can see the three tiers of each tea: scones, sandwiches, and sweets. The sweets included a maple leaf cookie, gingerbread, Christmas cookies, and a tart. The tart (top left) was way too dainty for SP. Although the most pretentious item was clearly the frilly salmon finger sandwich (middle right), complete with its own miniscule lemon wedge the size of a dust mote. I immediately scored the classic cucumber sandwich since it was vegetarian.

The flight back had a turbulent takeoff and landing, what with all the wind. I suffer from motion sickness, so this was bad news for me. Taking two Bonine before traveling seems to do close to nothing when smacked with a turbulence/altitude change combo. I used visualization to save the day, playing “Summer Breeze” in my mind and holding on to the book I was reading. This book is a freaking work of genius and you will hear about it when I’m done. The power of visualization is strong, not only in creating your ideal life but in helping you get through hard situations.

Garrison Keillor had an awesome bit on “A Prairie Home Companion” before Christmas. It’s a short skit with two Christmas trees waiting on a New York sidewalk to be bought. It’s one of those things that has a way stronger effect on me than it should. See or hear the trees here.