adventures in winter wonderland

I have returned from the cottage in the woods. Canada is an ideal place to celebrate Christmas since it is always cold and usually very snowy. Plus, I scored some righteous gifts from SP’s mom, including a gingerbread house kit, toque with big pom-pom, and an Office desk calendar. One of the many highlights included being in the outdoor hot tub, surrounded by snow and alarmingly cold air. Here’s a steamy pic of me and SP (you can see the shadows of the plastic palm trees that live next to the hot tub – tropical!):

Christmas in Canada

SP’s mom is quite an interesting lady. As a result of master kitchen planning, she has two dishwashers. She loves to play 500 (the Australian version, not the 500 I grew up playing). She says funny things, like if something is ridiculous she calls it “rot” (which I have now adopted and altered into “a load of rot”). She also loves fun holiday accessories and rocked this antler gift from me. It lights up!

Christmas in Canada

Every year I give SP’s parents a tin of Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno cookies. Each cookie is wrapped in special paper that can be lit and flies into the air (thus, his mom calls them my flying cookies). I featured this spectacular activity in Take Me There and it is a Christmas tradition for me. Here’s SP’s dad watching one of the cookie papers fly:

Christmas in Canada

So yeah, it was a wonderful Christmas time. I hope your holidays have been just as fun!

5 thoughts on “adventures in winter wonderland

  1. An *outdoor* hot tub?! Oh my.
    You gave your bf’s mother antlers? That is brave! She looks pretty happy in them. =D
    How long have you and SP been together? That log cabin looks so lovely! I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday. 🙂


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