into the light

Welcome to longer daylight hours! The winter solstice was yesterday and that was the day with the least amount of daylight (about nine hours here in New York). Daylight hours will only be increasing by about two minutes per day until June 21, but those minutes will soon add up to equal happier times. Note to my plants (who are all huddled around the one window that supplies them with enough light to live): You can do this!

December 20 was Serendipity Day.  Otherwise known as Serendipity Do-Da Day.

My gourds have passed on.  I love assembling a plethora of gourds every fall.  I had these two where the bright orange stripe on one matched the bright orange of the other, who had dark green patches to match the other’s dark green stripes. Coordinated gourds rock.  Also in hibernation is the Colasanti Tree.  Luckily, Eric Luper sent me the last photo of my tree before all of his leaves fell off this fall:

The Colasanti Tree

One way to celebrate the winter solstice involves burning a Yule log.  This ritual symbolizes welcoming in light after the darkness.  It represents entering a brighter time in life and a fresh new year (with no mistakes in it, Anne of Green Gables fans).  If you don’t have a whole log with leaves wrapped around it to burn, that’s okay.  You can create your own ritual by burning paper.  You know how certain negative thoughts have been bothering you this year?  Those thoughts limit you from living your ideal life.  So you can write them all down on paper, then burn the paper to represent letting go of these limiting thoughts and opening yourself up to the possibilities of everything the new year offers.  Let’s bring in positive energy with the sunlight!