the score

Dismayed: I was buying a gift that was $16.26. I gave the cashier $20.01 because a.) who wants four pennies? and b.) i wanted three quarters back because I had to do laundry. The cashier was flabbergasted. He asked the register, “Why’d she give me a penny?” like it was a conspiracy or something. Sadly, this is not the first time lack of skills has presented itself. One cashier at a different store had to actually use a calculator to figure out $4.26 – $3.01. In education, we call this a “teachable moment.” So I explained about the quarters. And worried about the future of our country.

Skills: 0 Malaise: 10

Entertained: I started Netflixing One Tree Hill. My students used to tell me that I’d like it, so I thought it was time to finally see what’s up. I’ve only watched season one and there’s a bit too much ridiculous drama so far, but I’m hoping that might calm down in the next season. I understand that Chad Michael Murray is considered hot in the way that I understand Brad and Leo are considered hot, but none of these pretty boys are my type. I like Chad’s character, it’s just that sometimes he bothers me, all strutting around with his porcupine fluffy hair and showing off his arms. It’s the same reaction I had when he was on Dawson’s Creek. I like that One Tree Hill is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina like Dawson’s Creek was. You can totally see the same dock that Joey and Dawson hung out on! I’ve wanted to visit Wilmington and see Dawson’s locations for a long time.

Bottom line: bring on Season Two

Impressed: Over vacay, I read The Serious Kiss by Mary Hogan and loved it. Mary has a serious talent for connecting you to her characters. She also did a fantastic job balancing heavy issues (alcoholism, obesity) with lighter ones. This story is warm, hilarious, and endearing. Yay Mary!

Grade: gold star

Agog: The Hubble Space Telescope’s photo of the Spitzer Helix Nebula, which my friend Elisa calls The Eye. This planetary nebula is the result of a dead star that is emitting radiation and gases. The white dwarf star, which was a lot like the Sun, is the tiny white dot at the center. Even more amazing: Hubble’s galaxy photos. I could look at them forever, they are so gorgeous.

Spitzer Helix Nebula

Closing thought: Will humans inhabit a new planet to avoid extinction?