return to the wintery mix

I’m back!  It’s always nice to come home from a trip and sleep in your own bed (although the Heavenly Bed at the Westin was quite heavenly). Grand Cayman was gorgeous, but I can never be away from New York City for too long.

Let’s check in with my vacay goals…

1.  Reunite with palm trees – major check.  I loved how Christmas lights are strung on the palm tree trunks in a triangular formation to look like they’re on a traditional style Christmas tree.  And I love the sound of the palm tree leaves whispering in the breeze.  It was an awesome reunion.

2.  Find one of those touristy drinks – no check.  We looked all over for a coconut or pineapple drink with the umbrellas.  The island was not having any of that.  At least, not near Seven Mile Beach.  Oh well, the hunt continues.  During our search, we saw a whole bunch of these buddies running around all owning the place:

Grand Cayman rooster

3.  Chill with iguanas – check.  See my previous post for evidence of my iguana adventures.  However, I did not see the blue iguanas, which are tragically almost extinct.  These buddies are sequestered on the other side of Grand Cayman and it would have been a huge schlep just to see a few lonely blues.  I felt so bad for them.  They would have made me too sad to see, so I just chilled with the green ones.  When we were having a fruity drink in the pool (you could actually sit on stools in the pool and have your drink), a huge iguana skittered across the marble bar and then dove right into the pool!  He swam to the edge and climbed out.  He was invincible.

Grand Cayman iguana crossing

4.  Make some progress with book five – check.  Retreats are always excellent inspiration for creativity.  I got to know my characters and the story really started coming to life.  I’m stoked.

Being in the tropics made me think more about how people decide where to live.  This has always fascinated me.  I mean, there are people who stay in their hometown or nearby for their entire lives.  That’s what works for them and they feel at home.  Then there are others who know they would be happier elsewhere and make it happen.  Several people I met on the island only intended to stay there for a few weeks and ended up staying for 27 years.  How could they not?  Beautiful weather every day, relaxed vibe, summer breeze no matter what season it is, amazing water colors:

Grand Cayman Zen moment

Still, there’s only one place I want to live.  Wintery mix and all.