hi from grand cayman

Susane Colasanti with iguanas

Tropical greetings! Going from 19 degrees to 86 degrees in one day was magnificent. I have reunited with the palm trees. While I have not yet seen the rare blue iguanas, I’ve made friends with some green ones. The big one on my shoulders was hungry for flowers:

Grand Cayman iguana

and the little one practiced his future staring technique:

Susane Colasanti with an iguana in Grand Cayman

A bright green one with an extremely long tail clung to a palm tree for a long time. He kept hiding from me. There are also a lot of little geckos running around. I named everyone Buddy.

In between visits with the iguanas and beach time, I’ve been working on book five. I have names and a few chapters. It’s a fun ride, seeing where the story takes me. This is the view from my desk:

Grand Cayman

and a personal palm tree that you can pet from the balcony:

Grand Cayman palm tree

See you next week!