palm tree reunion

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog next week, as I will be away on a tropical retreat in Grand Cayman.

I have some goals.

1. Reunite with palm trees. Palm trees are my favorite type of tree. They’re so peaceful and impressive. And if you’re seeing one, that means you’re probably not cold. I’m already over my hat and scarf and it’s not even winter yet.

2. Find one of those touristy drinks (non-alcoholic) that come in a coconut or pineapple with lots of fruit and umbrellas sticking out. We found a coconut one in South Beach last year, but it didn’t come with umbrellas. I am determined to score those umbrellas. Most people avoid these types of cheesy drinks so as not to look like a loser. I am not one of those people.

3. Chill with blue iguanas. I like iguanas. In Bonaire, the iguanas would come right up to you and tilt their head and stare at you with one eye. It would be like one big eye all up in your face for half an hour. They are very attentive. I named all of them Buddy. I hope to make some new Buddy friends that are blue.

4. Make some progress with book five. Writing on the patio when it’s sunny and 82 degrees, palm trees swaying, ocean spread out in front of you, coconut drink at your side…that’s the life. There’s a reason why Meg Cabot and Judy Blume live in Key West.

If I’m not on here next week, see you after (hopefully with documentation of these activities)!