real cards

I miss real cards. Remember those? The kind that used to arrive in the mail in an actual envelope with a stamp on it? There’s just something about seeing someone’s handwriting and holding a real card that connects you to a person in a stronger way than getting an e-card.

Now, I have definitely been known to send an e-card or five. I like those Hoops & Yoyo ones. But I love picking out some cool stationery, selecting which pen to use, and actually writing a real note. Last year at this time, I was all twarked up in a big snit over how everything is virtual now and no one sends real holiday cards anymore and everything is about the impersonal email approach as pseudo-connection and blah blah blah. I didn’t even send out my usual holiday cards. There was sadness involved.

This year, I’ve taken it back. I want to reconnect like back in the day (which wasn’t even that long ago). I want to spread the love. So I sent out my holiday cards. They are very real. Plus, they have glitter, and the world absolutely needs more glitter.

Long live real cards!