website feedback request

I’ve submitted the manuscript of my fourth book, Something Like Fate, and am anticipating my editorial letter. Which means that I’m officially on book five. This is the first time since writing When It Happens that I’m starting a book totally fresh. While I was writing my past three books, I wrote notes on the next ones. By the time I started a new book, I already knew the characters and most subplots and even what some scenes would look like. Not this time. I don’t even know my characters’ names yet. The only thing I know is the main plot. So this should be an exciting ride.

Actually, this is my first day working on book five. For the past two weeks, I’ve immersed myself in Dreamweaver and Photoshop to learn how to do my own website designing. Carrie Bishop of Identity Web and Photo did a fantastic job designing my website. I highly recommend her for your website needs. She’s an extra friendly neighbor and offers reasonable rates. I wanted to take over the designing and try some new things, plus be able to update as news becomes available. So I invested in the software, got a few books, and went into hiding. Now I’m happy to announce that my 14-hour days are over and my changes are finally done (oh, and I didn’t blow up the entire site, which I was majorly paranoid about).

I would absolutely love your feedback on my website! Is anything essential missing? What else would you like me to include? Do you have any questions for the Q&A page that aren’t included? Anything on my bio page that should be there but isn’t? Your thoughts are very much appreciated. Also, I’ve included some info about Waiting for You and posted a short excerpt (just what’s on the back cover for now).

Okay, time to come up with some new character names…


10 thoughts on “website feedback request

  1. Wow! Book five! That’s awesome! It must be really fun to just totally create new characters from scratch.
    I love the website! It’s really awesome. I love the light colors especially. And the different “border” thingies at the bottom of each page! They’re really cool.
    One thing though–the iMixes for each of the books aren’t showing up for me.

  2. Where to get website Feedback
    Hi Susane,
    If you’d like feedback on how usable your site is, check out You can submit tasks and questions that paid reviewers complete. I wrote the software and its my goal to make getting feedback as easy as possible.
    For your site here is what I would write:
    I’m an author looking to connect with my fans (and make new ones!) via my website.
    1. What is your initial impression of my site? What do you think its about?
    2. Pretend you want to buy one of my books (you do, don’t you?)–find an excerpt for one and try to get to a site where you can buy it. What can I improve about this process? I’d like to make it as easy as possible.
    3. What would you like to know about me?
    From one write to another, good luck πŸ™‚

  3. I love your website, personally. πŸ™‚
    I also sent you an email last evening soliciting some advice from one former full-time teacher to a current full-time teacher. πŸ˜‰
    Also, weird question to ask, but did you know a Spanish/ESL teacher/administrator named Andy Robinson while you were teaching in the South Bronx? If so, he’s my administrator out here in Oregon now. πŸ™‚

    • Yay!
      I don’t know Andy. I was only at one school in the South Bronx, so I really only know the people from that school. I will write back soon when I read your email. Thank you for teaching πŸ™‚


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