website feedback request

I’ve submitted the manuscript of my fourth book, Something Like Fate, and am anticipating my editorial letter. Which means that I’m officially on book five. This is the first time since writing When It Happens that I’m starting a book totally fresh. While I was writing my past three books, I wrote notes on the next ones. By the time I started a new book, I already knew the characters and most subplots and even what some scenes would look like. Not this time. I don’t even know my characters’ names yet. The only thing I know is the main plot. So this should be an exciting ride.

Actually, this is my first day working on book five. For the past two weeks, I’ve immersed myself in Dreamweaver and Photoshop to learn how to do my own website designing. Carrie Bishop of Identity Web and Photo did a fantastic job designing my website. I highly recommend her for your website needs. She’s an extra friendly neighbor and offers reasonable rates. I wanted to take over the designing and try some new things, plus be able to update as news becomes available. So I invested in the software, got a few books, and went into hiding. Now I’m happy to announce that my 14-hour days are over and my changes are finally done (oh, and I didn’t blow up the entire site, which I was majorly paranoid about).

I would absolutely love your feedback on my website! Is anything essential missing? What else would you like me to include? Do you have any questions for the Q&A page that aren’t included? Anything on my bio page that should be there but isn’t? Your thoughts are very much appreciated. Also, I’ve included some info about Waiting for You and posted a short excerpt (just what’s on the back cover for now).

Okay, time to come up with some new character names…