Your TGIM thought of the day is brought to you by the Netflix Prize. Netflix is offering one million dollars to the person who can improve the system that makes their recommendations by 10%. Netflix recommends movies you’ll want to watch based on your preferences and rankings of other movies you’ve seen. But their recommendation system has more error than they’d like. Fun fact: “Napoleon Dynamite” is the movie that is most often recommended erroneously. So your challenge is to figure out why.

As if that’s a challenge compared to Ironman. You know, the triathlon where you bike and swim and run for, like, twelve hours. Or how about this challenge: complete forty marathons by the time you turn forty. That’s my friend Nick’s goal, and he’s on it. Here are Iron Men Tim and Nick, wearing their Ironman medals:


These cute boys train seven days a week. Sometimes they even work out more than once a day. Dude, their triceps are outrageous. Any time I feel low energy, I just think about Tim and Nick challenging themselves again and again and I’m all perked up and ready to roll. Tim is one of those multi-talented people who is an artist, a social worker, a chef (best Thanksgiving dinner ever!), and an expert mover. He moved me from Philadelphia to New York in the Blizzard of 1996 and I will never forget his impressive U-Haul maneuvering skills through almost four feet of snow. Now, that’s a challenge.