my very own meme…sort of

You know those American Express ads in magazines with people like Tina Fey and Ellen DeGeneres where they list things about their life? I’m not sure if these ads are still out there. But I was going through some old Real Simple magazines and saw a few of those ads and I was like, Fab meme alert! So I’ve taken some items from the ads and added a few of my own and presto. I’m calling it the AmEx Mix Meme.

first memory: thirst

childhood ambition: science teacher

strange fascination: water towers

retreat: palm trees

wildest dream: west village brownstone

soundtrack: garden state

proudest moment: when it happens on the shelf

biggest challenge: inertia

alarm clock: displays lights in changing colors

perfect day: npr/gym/writing/learning/time with friends/life-altering film/reading in bed

recent impulse buy: paddywax candle – fresh grass scent

first job: secretary for the local senator when i was 16

indulgence: the office

weakness: whipped butter

inspiration: stay gold

you’re it: carriejones


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