in which wrapping paper means something

I bought my wrapping paper last week.

Game on.

From here on out, it’s a rush of gifts and bows and menus and ribbon and cards and metallic outliners to address the cards and baking cookies and gift bags and holiday music in every single store, with no exceptions. Of course, the music has been grating on my nerves for a few weeks now and Christmas stuff has been popping up since right after Halloween. It just always seems like until I buy the wrapping paper, it’s not officially the holiday season yet. I can pretend that time is not zipping by at an alarming rate. I can ignore he fact that it’s almost 2009 (when did that happen?!). But there’s no turning back now.

The evolution of wrapping paper choice is a fascinating thing. When I was a teen, I’d wrap my gifts in Sunday comics and put little clues on the wrapping paper about the gifts. Like if I was giving someone a Little Prince journal, I might cut out a fox or a street lamp from a magazine and tape it on the wrapping paper (naturally, you can’t make the clues too obvious). Then I graduated to a sort of tissue paper/cellophane combo. I love silver, so after that came a silver phase in which everything was wrapped in silver paper or mylar sheets with metallic white bows. This year, I’m doing red foil wrapping paper. I have red and white tissue paper (some with stripes, some with dots) to go with it. And awesome bows.

I’d like to think that, because my wrapping paper choice this year was more expensive and classy, I am now a grownup. I mean, my internal age will always be 16, but doing grownup things can be fun sometimes. And who knows? I may decide to bust out the Sunday comics next year. It’s the green choice, after all.

4 thoughts on “in which wrapping paper means something

  1. Yes, SUnday comics wrapping paper! That was always fun. Where did you buy your wrapping paper for this year? It sounds nice – something I never think about, I don’t have a plan like that, but then I am the absolute opposite to you when it counts with organization. I am going to think about wrapping paper now and what I want to get this year – – – actually at the stores here in Sweden they wrap the presents for you (year round, not just Xmas) – probably why I never think about it.

    • For the past few years, I’ve gotten my wrapping paper, other papers, bows, and ribbon at the Container Store. It may be a secret place for that stuff, since people don’t usually think about hangers and gift wrap together. I also get my gift bags there, but I’m not feeling any of them this year. Challenge!

  2. website
    Yay! You added a page for Waiting for You! I’m so excited by the new information!!!!! 😀 Is there an official release date yet?

    • Re: website
      Yes, Waiting for You will be released on July 9. Thanks for noticing the new website look – I’m doing my own website designing now and it’s been my job for the past week! I will be adding more to the Waiting for You page soon.


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