justin & ponyboy

The winner of the Stealing Heaven contest is Carmen T. Congrats to you! I was surprised that so many people said they’d want books if they could have any material item for free. That gives me hope for the future because you guys clearly love to read. Personally, I would have said a $23 million West Village brownstone. But hey, books are essential, like air and water.

So I was in a hotel a while ago and caught a glimpse of something on TV. I only saw part of this show for a few seconds and I was immediately like, Whatever that is, I need to know it. When I got home, I Googled Rachel Griffiths and the show turned out to be Brothers & Sisters. Why has no one told me about this show?! It’s so freaking good! I’ve already Netflixed seasons one and two (no season three spoilers, please). It’s going to be really hard to wait for season three to come out on DVD. That’s why I turn it around into sweet anticipation, like I do with The Office.

One of the most entertaining things about Brothers & Sisters is Justin (Dave Annable). When I saw those few seconds of the show before I knew what I was looking at, I totally thought he was C. Thomas Howell. Then I had a reality check and realized how much older C. Thomas Howell is now. I have this thing where everyone is stuck in 1980-whatever and that’s the way they will always look in my mind. Like, David Letterman has gray hair? When the ef did that happen? Last time I checked, dude was in his 40s. Anyway, my love for Ponyboy Curtis knows no limits, so this comparison is warranted:

C. Thomas Howell     Dave Annable

Hmm. I’m definitely on to something.

5 thoughts on “justin & ponyboy

  1. LOVE Brothers and Sisters!
    I love, love LOVE that show, and stumbled on it much as you did. It is so good. And addictive! And Season Three, so far, is just as good as the others.

    • Re: LOVE Brothers and Sisters!
      I know! Why is no one talking about this show? Or maybe they are, just behind my back.
      Good to know it’s holding strong. Grey’s Anatomy disappointed me a bit after season two. However, like you, I remain dedicated.

    • Re: ponyboy!
      No, I was just thinking that Justin and Ponyboy look alike. Ponyboy was played by C. Thomas Howell, who is older than Dave Annable.
      By the way, I watched The Outsiders so many times (also in seventh grade) that I had the entire movie memorized. It was my obsession.


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