the arc of a love affair

1988: Wrote Paul Simon lyrics all over my Keds way before doing that kind of thing was accepted as cool (I was nerd chic like that). Had this thing where I’d trace my hand with a metallic outliner on my binder cover and write Paul Simon lyrics inside. Obsessed with visions of streetlights and city sounds and sunsets sifting through trees and every other picture Paul Simon painted in his songs. Felt the magic of New York City in his songs and knew it would feel like home to live there (here). Wished for a book of Paul Simon lyrics so I could cherish them all together.

2008: My wish came true.

Paul Simon's Lyrics

How brilliant is this? Lyrics to all of Paul Simon’s songs are included in this new book, Lyrics 1964-2008. Paul was at Barnes & Noble last night and I was planning to get there at 4:00 for his 7:00 interview. So of course I’ve been smacked down with a nasty case of food poisoning for the past two days and there was no way I could go. But I have this book. And I have my memories.

Some of my favorite lyrics, from “Train in the Distance”:

The thought that life could be better
Is woven indelibly
Into our hearts
And our brains

And from “Bookends Theme”:

Long ago…it must be…
I have a photograph
Preserve your memories
They’re all that’s left you