stealing for free

When I first met Elizabeth Scott, she was a new author. We each had one book published. Now she’s the author of Bloom, Perfect You, Stealing Heaven, and Living Dead Girl. Next year, she’ll have two more books released: Something, Maybe in March and Love You Hate You Miss You in June. Dude, that’s five more books out since I met her. And I just met her last year.

This is only one of many reasons why Elizabeth rocks extra hard. She is super fun to chill with, as we did two weeks ago:

Elizabeth Scott and Susane Colasanti

She spreads the love on her blog. If you want to know the latest about other authors in YA Land, it’s a comprehensive resource. She also runs fun contests and gives away great prizes (she gave away an iPod recently!). This week, Elizabeth is running a contest to win a signed copy of Take Me There. Here’s how to enter.

Because we’re clever like that, I am simultaneously running a contest this week for you to win a signed copy of Stealing Heaven. To enter the contest, just leave a comment telling me what one material thing you would most want for free if you could have anything. I will pick an entry at random to win. You have through this Sunday, November 16 to enter.

Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

Elizabeth also played the Game of Favorites with me. Here’s her favorite…

Comic: Calvin and Hobbes
Poet: Miklos Radnoti
Constellation: Orion
90s TV show: Jeepers! Um, let me think here. Just one, right? Hmmmm…..okay. Seinfeld.
Season: Winter
Artist: Giorgione
Word: sloth
Mythical creature: The Sirens
Tree: As long as I don’t have to sit anywhere near one (I’m super allergic to the pollen they put out) — Maple
Way to spend a free hour: Reading
Comedian: Say what you will about Roseanne, but several seasons of that show were hilarious *and* offered a spot-on look into the life of a lower middle-class family that have yet to show up on television again.
Vacay spot: Manhattan
Time of day: Morning
Gelato flavor: If I could eat either gelato or chocolate, chocolate gelato.
Game: I do enjoy the occasional game of hangman.
Movie scene: Anything that makes me sigh in happiness. Or cry. Give me something with emotions that feel honest (we are talking about movies, after all), and I’m yours.

Congrats to Elizabeth on all of her amazing achievements!

14 thoughts on “stealing for free

  1. Material Thing
    At the moment, the material thing I would want for free is the Canon EOS Rebel XSi camera. You might have seen the commercials with Avril Lavigne. haha. I’m totally in love with that camera. =)
    I would love to win Elizabeth Scott’s “Stealing Heaven.” I loved “Perfect You.”
    Thanks. =)
    Carmen T

  2. material thing
    Hi susane! This is Niki. 😉 Just so you know, because I want Stealing Heaven. You know, free books, why not?
    I was going to say that the thing that I most wanted was “time” because going to a top high school in the country is HARD! OMG! But…I’d have to say that I’d want a laptop for myself. Like one that’s small enough so I could bring it to school. and take bio notes. 😉

  3. Oh! I’ve wanted to read “Living Dead Girl” for awhile now!!
    And if I could have anything for free, I’d want a private jet (with captain included, of course) so I could travel everywhere!! 🙂

  4. signed copy of Stealing Heaven
    One thing I would material thing I would want for free is the all the YA and fiction books I can find b/c I love those books and never get tired of them


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