president obama & you

I still keep crying.

Random things I didn’t even notice before affect me strongly now. I saw a peace sign in a window and cried because an end to this horrible war is in sight. I saw a family on the subway and cried because those parents will be able to afford medical care for their kids. I saw a teenage girl walking down the street and cried because she has the right to choose when (or if) she will become a mother.

I cry out of relief that this world will become a better place.

President Obama is the next great leader we have been waiting for. So many phenomenal role models have been taken from us, role models who have a powerful influence on us to this day. Martin Luther King, Jr. John F. Kennedy. John Lennon. We have been crying out for our next great leader. Even the trees are crying out. This is a victory for all living things. For our entire planet.

I wish Dr. King could see that his dream is coming true. I wish Madelyn Dunham could know that we have elected her grandson to move us in the right direction. Somehow I think she did know.

America has exceeded my expectations. Like Michelle Obama, I am the proudest I’ve ever been of my country. I’m proud of the record turnout of voters, the volunteers who dedicated their lives to this cause, and the incredible passion you’ve had to elect a true leader.

You are part of history.

You have made real change happen.

You are why I hope.

Obama victory

More Obama victory cartoons


4 thoughts on “president obama & you

  1. Beautiful!
    And he’s going to appoint the Supreme Court justices. I was so afraid of what McCain might do!
    This economy is so scary. My best friend was laid off from her 5TH JOB this year, the night of the election. My other close friend’s work is cutting 3000 positions nationwide. I feel grateful to have a workplace, especially one I enjoy! I’m eager for Obama to take office, because I really do think it will get better.

  2. yes
    Yes, the world is so relieved. still. for weeks to come. I think Dr. King is here with us and his grandmother as well.
    Yes, a true leader is finally again in our presence.


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