jeremy p. and me sitting in a tree

Jeremy Piven and I go way back. We’re so tight that I just call him Jeremy P. Here we are on Halloween:

Jeremy Piven and Susane Colasanti

I’ve had love for Jeremy since way back in the day. He was hilarious in Say Anything. I loved him in The Family Man and Serendipity. I always wondered when he’d finally score the golden role and be noticed more. Then came Entourage with Ari Gold. That’s called karma.

After his stellar performance in Speed-the-Plow (love David Mamet’s dialogue), I showed Jeremy a photo of the two of us taken four years ago after his stellar performance in Fat Pig (love Neil LaBute’s twisted world). That was a way different experience, because four years ago it was just me and a few other hard-core fans waiting for Jeremy after the play. This time around involved strategic placement and strong determination to stand out among the throngs of Jeremy P. fans. Jeremy was impressed by the photo. This one girl waiting was all like how Jeremy is her secret boyfriend. I was like, Step back, g. Where were you four years ago?

Speed-the-Plow by David Mamet

Raul Esparza and Elisabeth Moss were also excellent. Their best interchange:

“I hope – ”
“We all hope. It’s what keeps us alive.”

3 thoughts on “jeremy p. and me sitting in a tree

  1. I have to admit, I loathe the movie “Family Man,” but have been a diehard Piven fan since The Larry Sanders Show and PCU, the latter of which I’ve seen an embarrassing number of times. Very jealous you got to meet him in person not once, but twice!

  2. He looks like a mob boss from the 1920s era. Of course he’s smiling and looks too friendly to be a murderous villain. Just saying. You look beautiful, as always.


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