top 8

Teen Author Reading Night was so packed last night! Dude, people were standing in the back. We were all entertained by several debut authors’ awesome books, including Courtney Sheinmel’s My So-Called Family and Matthue Roth’s Losers. We were very lucky to also have Elizabeth Scott reading from the outstanding Living Dead Girl. I am saving my Elizabeth warm fuzzies for a future post, as we will be getting together later today.

I absolutely adored Top 8, the debut novel of the warm and wonderful Katie Finn. She was totally sweet and gave me a copy, which I was going to read first before raving here, but the truth is that I cannot wait to share my excitement! Seriously, you will love this book. The plot: Madison goes away for spring break and while she’s away without Internet access, her social networking site is hacked into. The hacker breaks up with Madison’s boyfriend online. When Madison comes back and explains to him that she wasn’t actually the one who broke up with him, it’s too late. Boyfriend has moved on. So good! Plus, there are graphics from her page throughout the book (so you get to see what Madison’s Top 8 friends look like) and fun music/quote chapter headers. Top 8 is out now!

6 thoughts on “top 8

  1. What a cute idea! I’ll have to check out Top 8. I love how timely YA books are nowadays… when I was a teen, there weren’t really books about the internet or email (let alone MySpace or Facebook) because all those things were so new!


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