more sweet things

1. Laila is visiting from San Francisco. She was the inspiration for the Laila character in When It Happens. You know it’s close to Halloween when pumpkin (for her) and ghost (for me) cookies abound. Laila was really excited about the cookies:

Laila and the Halloween cookies

2. Washington Square Park has been under construction for what seems like forever. I am happy to report that it’s almost done! The fence is still up, but I used my Harriet the Spy skills to document this for you. And yes, I did have a spy notebook and spy route in fourth grade, just like Harriet.

Washington Square Park

3. My weekend will be very exclusive. Only two guests are invited: me and the Waiting for You copyedits. I’ve decided to use purple as my colored pencil choice for the manuscript. Also, I have designated my place as a Dwight Schrute workspace.

Dwight Schrute workspace

Dream big.

6 thoughts on “more sweet things

  1. Did you bake those cookies? They look yummy.
    You might have seen this clip already from SNL, but in case you missed it –

    Also, I was just in NYC for a visit and went to the vegan Babycakes down in the lower east side. Have you ever been there? I had a slice of their chocolate brownie cake with vanilla icing. THE MOST DELICIOUS thing I have ever eaten. Worth the $6.95 for a slice.

    Enjoy your weekend with your manuscript. Looks very impressive!

    • Love that! Rainn is too funny. I’ve actually seen that clip, but I don’t know how. Maybe it’s an extra on The Office DVD.
      The cookies were from an old-school Italian bakery around the corner. They were so good. And stay tuned – I’ll be posting photos of Crumbs Halloween cupcakes next week.
      I’ve heard of Babycakes, but vegan desserts scare me. I need the fat and dairy in my dessert to be happy. However, you are recommending this chocolate brownie cake and so I must venture over.

  2. That photo of the park is gorgeous! I love the light! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I posted a little Dwight Schrute story on FB/MS. It’s always fun to incorporate Dwight into one’s work! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Purple writing tools rock. I most often use purple lightening Gelly Roll pens or those Pilot Precise rolling ball ones.
      I didn’t make the cookies, but I’ve been eating a Halloween cookie or cupcake every day and it has to stop!


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